Top 10 Reasons for Flowers (Just For Fun)



10. It's a bright, sunny day and your boss tells you to take the day off.

9. Your roommate introduces you to her good-looking big brother.

8. Your sister in Poughkeepsie tells you she's having a bad hair day.

7. Out-of-town friends call to let you know they're dropping in for a week.

6. It's Thursday.

5. Your co-worker volunteers to stay late to help you finish up a project.

4. You're away on business and want to let your husband (or wife) know you miss him (or her)

3. Your best buddy somehow convinces your son not to dye his hair purple.

2. It's cold and rainy and you want to create your own touch of Springtime.

1. Just because they make you smile!



Today's Flowers Buyer

Consumer Attitudes About Buying,

Giving, and Receiving Flowers



Ever really thought about how flowers make you feel? Or, where you buy flowers and why? What makes a great local or online florist? Here's what others have to say.

A Memorable Gift with an Emotional Boost


• 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers.

• 88% of survey respondents say a gift of flowers changes their mood for the better.

• 83% say they like to receive flowers unexpectedly.

• 86% say receiving flowers makes them feel special.

• 99% say that a person who gives flowers is thoughtful.

• 89% believe the giver is sophisticated.


The Most Popular Flower Gifts

Within the previous year, survey participants reported that they bought the following floral gifts:


• 88% floral arrangement

• 88% loose or bunched flowers

• 16% outdoor bedding or garden plant

• 14% mix of green and flowering plants in a basket or dish garden

Men and Women

• Men spend more on floral gifts. More men than women buy roses and larger flower arrangements.

• Women buy a wider range of flowers and floral gifts, often at lower cost.

• Young consumers under the age of 35 favor inexpensive bunched or loose flowers as gifts.

Florists Most Popular Flower Source

• Local florists are the venue frequented most often by consumers. 91% bought floral gifts from a florist within the last year, and 63% bought fresh flowers as gifts "most often" from a local florist compared to other outlets.

• Respondants reported product quality, service, and value as the key benefits of purchasing from florist shops.

• 43% shop for flowers as gifts at supermarkets, citing convenience and savings as key reasons.

• 59% purchased flowering plants at a nursery or garden shop.

What Matters Most

Consumers consider these factors important when choosing where to buy flowers:

• Flower quality and freshness (93%)

• Product guarantee (88%)

• Convenience and ease of ordering (83%)

• Value for money (77%)

• Delivery service, including same-day (77%)

• Advice and recommendations (69%)

• Professional design (67%)

• Broad range of products / arrangements (67%)

Source: SAF Consumer Attitudes and Behavior Study about Floral Purchasing,