How to Care for Fresh Arrangements




Check the water supply immediately upon arrival. Add lukewarm water as needed.  If floral foam is used, make sure it is always thoroughly saturated. Check your arrangement daily to make sure it has plenty of clear, fresh water. For best results, change water each and every day to avoid the build up of bacteria that decreases the life of the flower.

Display your arrangement in a cool location, out of direct sunlight and away from electrical appliances. Avoid particularly hot or cold areas.

If you have received a wrapped bouquet, re-cut the stem ends under water using a sharp knife or clippers. Then place in lukewarm water.




Basic Orchid Plant Care:


If you have been fortunate to have received a beautiful orchid plant, the best lesson is orchid care is to not “over care for” your orchid. Orchids prefer indirect lighting and as a result are perfect for offices and homes. The most important thing to remember is that orchids prefer to dry out in between watering. It is preferred to water your orchid plant every 8-10 days (depending on how dry the air is in your location). It is best to sit your orchid plant in a sink and completely soak it thoroughly. After a few minutes gently place your hand over the moss/bark and dump out all water. The bark/moss will maintain all the water that the plant requires. If you do not remove the excess water the plant will rot from within.

If the leaves are yellowing it is an indication of overwatering. The bloom cycle varies among varieties but orchids have long bloom cycles for colorful enjoyment. Once the orchid ends it’s bloom cycle fertilize with orchid fertilizer and place in a very bright location to generate new bloom stalks.

***Never mist the blooms on an orchid plant.